Thursday, January 21, 2010

Confirmation Components

Confirmation Components

1. Responses to the Gospel of Luke
- at least one composed response per chapter
- responses can take a variety of forms such as journaling, poetry, art, music, interpretations, prayer writing etc
- these will assist the conversations during our group time

2. Confirmation Project
Choose One of the Two Options
- The life of a person from Church History or the Bible
- A story, parable, or symbol from the Gospel of Luke
you will have an assigned session in which you will share your project with the group

3. The 2 Big Questions
-What is a Disciple? \ What do you say of Jesus Christ?
- These answers will frame your own response to the confirmation process

4. Homeboy Hoe-Down
- help plan and put on the fundraiser
- share the Homeboy story with congregation

5. Confirmation Worship Service
- everyone will participate in the planning and in carrying out the worship service

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